Remote Call Center Service Under Epidemic Situation

Remote Call Center Service Under Epidemic Situation
Entrusted by a large multinational enterprise in the tool manufacturing industry, the Philippine Center---our English service base, uses remote seats to provide call center services to end users in China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Southeast Asian countries, with a seat size of 100.

The entrusted business was launched in November 2018. At first, it was only for China and Southeast Asia. Due to the recognition of the customer for the service quality and response speed, since February 2021, the customer entrusted us to provide English call center services in other overseas markets at the same time.

But at that time, COVID-19 was sweeping through Philippines, and our English Service Center in Manila was implementing strict community isolation measures. In the face of this special situation, we have established relevant mechanisms for remote recruitment and business training, and completed the staff replenishment in time. In addition, in order to cope with the unique business conditions of remote agents, we have taken measures in terms of information security, such as cloud-based call center system and providing employees with PCs configured with security settings, so as to deal with the complex remote working environment.

With our proactive and innovative efforts, our business for the United States and the United Kingdom started smoothly. During the peak period in summer, the scale of customer service staff is as many as 100 seats, which has successfully responded to the rapid growth of end-user consultation, and has been recognized by customers in terms of service quality and recruitment speed.

Since this year, the Omicron mutant has spread, and we can't take it lightly in the face of the epidemic. We will continue to improve and optimize the operation mechanism of remote business, provide customers with safe, high-quality and cost-effective services, and provide employees with a more safe and secure working environment.